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Dry Ice Pelletizers

Get dry ice of high quality “on tap”

Are you looking for an optimal solution to produce the dry ice you need? Our patented Dry Ice Pelletizers – PE50 & PE80 – produce high quality dry pellets that can be used for cleaning or cooling in a wide range of industries.

The advantages of an in-house dry ice production with a pelletizer from Triventek are:

  • Highly reliable and user-friendly
  • Improved economy and environment
  • Secure supply of the right quantity and quality
  • Flexible production through several units
  • Unbroken coldchain

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Our Dry Ice Pelletizers

PE50 Dry Ice pelletizer
PE50 Dry Ice Pelletizer Extruder
PE50 Dry Ice Pelletizer Gas Outlet
PE50 Dry Ice Pelletizer Co2 Indlet
High Pressure Regulator for PE50 Dry Ice Pelletizer

PE50 Dry Ice Pelletizer

Our PE50 Dry Ice Pelletizer can produce up to 50 kilos of dry ice per hour in various sizes and with a pressure regulator it is possible to start your dry ice production by connecting the pelletizer to a CO2 battery instead of a mini cryo tank. The installation is Plug & Play. All in all, a perfect choice for in-house production for those who need less than 200 kilos of dry ice a day.

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PE80 Dry Ice Pelletizer
PE80 Dry Ice Pelletizer Extruder
PE80 Dry Ice Pelletizer Gas Outlet

PE80 Dry Ice Pelletizer

PE80 Dry Ice Pelletizer can produce up to 80 kilos of dry ice per hour and is fully automated with Plug & Play function and a display over pressure conditions. The machine can also be included in a modular design and is a perfect choice for those who want a flexible dry ice production.

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Achieve great savings with a CO2 Gas Recovery Unit

When you produce dry ice, approximately 50 percent of the CO2 used is physically lost.

With a CO2 Gas Recovery Unit from Aquila Triventek you can reduce the loss and get significantly more dry ice out of your CO2 by capturing the revert gas and reutilize it to produce more dry ice. Hence, making significant savings in not only production costs but also costs of supply and delivery of CO2.

At Aquila Triventek, we supply CO2 Gas Recovery Units of different production capacities, which are compact and user-friendly. Last, but not least, they are compatible with pelletizers from most manufacturers.

RE160 Co2 Recovery Unit