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Dry Ice Production

Optimize your dry ice production

In-house production of dry ice implies low costs without compromising the quality of your dry ice.

Our patented Dry Ice Pelletizers and CO2 Gas Recovery Units are designed as simple and compact equipment ready to install and start operation. Then, you can be sure that you get the right amount of dry ice exactly when you need it.

Furthermore you get:

  • Big savings through in-house production
  • Self-sufficiency and independence of suppliers
  • Quick return on investment
  • Plug & Play solution – quick and easy installation
  • Reliable and user-friendly machines
  • Professional advice and prompt service

Calculation of efficiency and economy

We have more than 20 years of experience in developing efficient and economically sustainable machines for dry ice production, and we are ready to make a feasibility study of producing your own dry ice and a non-binding calculation of how much you will save by producing your own dry ice instead of getting it delivered.

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Dry Ice Pelletizer for dry ice production

Dry Ice Pelletizers

Are you looking for an optimal solution to produce the dry ice you need when you need it? Our patented PE50 and PE80 Dry Ice Pelletizers produce high quality dry ice that can be used for cleaning or cooling in a wide range of industries.

See our Dry Ice Pelletizers
Co2 Gas Recovery Unit for dry ice production

CO2 Gas Recovery Units

Get more dry ice out of your CO2 and reduce production costs with 50 percent by capturing the revert gas. Our patented CO2 Gas Recovery Units are designed for different production capacities and are compatible with other pelletizer brands.

See our CO2 Gas Recovery Units
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