High Pressure Cleaning

Based on a wide range of superior standard High Pressure Cleaners for the professional user, ranging from pressures of 140 - 1700 bar, Aquila Triventek A/S offer vast know-how and extensive expertise.

For many years Aquila Triventek A/S been the innovative leader in the High Pressure Cleaning sector.

We are the market leader in Scandinavia. We also cover most of Europe and parts of the South Pacific.

All standard Aquila High Pressure Cleaners are developed on the background of many years of experience in the High Pressure Cleaning market and in cooperation with our customers and the skilled and very experienced service engineers at Aquila Triventek.

All High Pressure Cleaners produced at the factory in Nørre Aaby, Denmark go through rigorous testing before they are shipped to the customer.

We ensure that every Aquila High Pressure Cleaner is able to serve our customers from day one. In close cooperation with clients, Aquila Triventek also develops and manufactures custom-made High Pressure Cleaners for very specific use in extraordinary situations.

Examples of special cases include:

If you need a high quality standard or special custom-made High Pressure Cleaner Aquila Triventek is the company to call.

Our Products:

All Aquila Triventek High Pressure cleaners can be specified as Hot or Cold units.

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