Jetvent Compressed Air Duct Cleaning

Nozzle technology is the key to successful cleaning with compressed air. Jetvent offer the complete solution for powerful and effective cleaning with compressed air. Special nozzles with rotating airflow for cleaning of vertical ductwork, fast spinning brushes in combination with high pressure nozzles for round ductwork and a variety of nozzles for special cleaning situations.

Cleaning with a combination of brush technology and compressed air is the only sure way to successfully remove dust and debris from ducts. From the smallest to the largest ducts our tools provide the solution. With the numerous options the tools represent a time saving factor that makes all the difference in the duct cleaning industry.

Successful duct cleaning with compressed air depends on the following combination:

The secret behind good quality cleaning and efficient working hours is a combination of high pressure and high air volume. Our nozzle delivers from 0,3 up to 5,2 m3/min at 8 bar. The high volume is necessary to maintain a powerful and effective airstream in larger ducts - only high pressure will create possible good result close to the nozzle in small ducts.

It's the law of nature - low volume can only maintain the power of the airstream for a very short distance from the nozzle. It is also important that the design if the nozzles in combination with the right type of hose will make it possible to direct the equipment in an effective way.

Our nozzles gives you full control both in circular and rectangular ducts and an excellent result with less working hours. The high volume in combination with the design of the nozzles will give you another advantage – a negative pressure is created in front of the nozzles, which together with the powerful airstream will support the Extractor to transport the loosen dust and debris to the filter box.

Our Products:

Air Gun with Hose and Nozzle

Recommended for cleaning smaller ducts.

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Jetvent Duct Cleaner

The heart of an industrial duct cleaner is the rotating shaft - it is the vital element!

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Rotating Brush Nozzle

Cleaning Kit with a Brush Nozzle

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Rotating Whipstream Nozzle

1 inch (25 mm) Cleaning Kit with a rotating Whipstream Nozzle

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Multi Connection Central

Multi connection central for compressed air.

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Tornado Nozzles

25m hose on a reel, shut-off valve and claw coupling.

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Connection Central

Multi connection central for compressed air.

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