Jetvent TDB Robot

Cleaning with a robot has many advantages. The operator can see where the robot is travelling, what needs to be cleaned and what has been cleaned. A high resolution colour camera placed on a flexible arm enables the camera to be positioned where it is best suited. Positioning the camera behind the robot platform gives the operator a full view of both sides of the brushes and the ductwork that is being cleaned.

Using the brush adapter for rectangular ductwork the forward moving direction of the brushes enables the cleaner to reach inside the difficult to clean corners. An automatic lift arm system can position the brushes in the centre of the ducts to make cleaning in one operation possible. The lift arm system can also be used when the size of the ductwork is changing dimension.

The speed of the robot and the brushes, the position of the brushes and the selection of front or rear camera is all done from the control box. The proportional controlled joystick enables the operator to control the direction and speed of the robot.

This state of the art equipment has built-in flexibility and a selection of options to optimise the inspection and cleaning. The TDB robot has many purposes.

Inspections can be carried out using the basic platform without the easily removable brushes. This utilises the powerful 4-wheel drive and 2-way camera with up to 60 meters of cable.

Cleaning with the rectangular brush adapter; A strong engine is attached to the basic TDB robot platform. An easy adapter makes it possible to connect the brushes which are suitable for cleaning rectangular ductwork.

The T-gear, which is positioning the brushes, rotates at a speed of approx. 700 rpm.

The small size of the TDB robot enables it to fit into a standard access door of only 300 mm and the weight of only 13 kg. makes it easy to lift. The TDB robot can operate with up to 60 metres of cable.

Cleaning with the round brush adapter; The TDB robot uses only one strong brush engine and by simply changing the adapter the operator is also able to clean round ductwork

Spraying; The TDB robot can be fitted with a lance for spraying the internal surface of the duct with any approved chemical for disinfection or coating. The nozzle head gives a fine 360-degree spray, which covers the duct surface as the robot travels through the ductwork. Positioning and activation of the lance is done remotely from the control box.

The TDB robot with brushes, lance and other accessories comes in a special designed box for easy transportation.


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