Duct Cleaning

If ducts were made of glass there would be no question as to whether they should be cleaned or not.

Aquila Triventek engineers have been building and using duct cleaning equipment since 1982 and, in this market, experience counts. We help make ductwork maintenance productive, professional and profitable.

Ventilation system hygiene and the condition of kitchen exhaust ducting can be properly inspected using high quality inspection tools.

Trunking can be decontaminated effectively and efficiently with labour-saving rotary brush systems and cleanliness measurement. Air ducts can be quickly cleaned with clever but simple, Aquila Triventek compressed air equipment.

Powerful, portable, extraction systems ensure outstanding results and the multi-platform TDB robot is capable of tackling any job, including remote cleaning, spray coating and disinfection treatment.

Aquila Triventek provides support and expert know-how to users worldwide.


Jetvent Extraction

Powerful extraction is the key to good cleaning!

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Jetvent Compressed Air Duct Cleaning

Compressed Air Technology - for when speed is important!

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Cameras and Robots

It's often hard to see inside duct with the naked eye. We have lots of tools that resolve this problem.

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