Dry Ice Production

With the patented Aquila Triventek range of Dry Ice Production equipment new market opportunities are emerging.

Dry ice has long been considered an alternative media for chilling.

Cold chain operating industries are increasingly turning to dry ice to maintain vital cold temperatures during transportation of frozen food, bio-pharmaceuticals, specimens and other high value products which must be kept cool.

Dry ice is also used to supplement other forms of cooling such as water ice for fish, refrigerated multi-drop trucks, and as portable 'coolth' in airline catering trolleys, for example. Traditionally, it has not been logistically or commercially possible to produce your own dry ice.

Our patented PE80 Pelletizer is a revolutionary solution that facilitates on-site production. This makes high quality dry ice 'on tap' and in the exact quantity you need.

Our unique Recovery Units can be used with a Pelletizer to recapture and convert liquid CO2 to dry ice with unprecedented efficiency due to a patented single-stage process. It is an affordable tool for increasing profits and reducing cost which gives the whole idea of own Dry Ice Production a new perspective.

In an automatic process system losses due to sublimation during transport, storage and handling can almost be eliminated.

Contact Aquila Triventek for a full calculation on your potential needs for Dry Ice Production and we can tell you how fast this investment will pay back itself.

Our Products:

PE80 Dry Ice Pelletizer

The unique Dry Ice Pelletizer from Aquila Triventek has a patented system that makes producing top quality Dry Ice pellets not only affordable but also convenient.

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TRI-Former 500

An ingenious and magically simple solution for the production and packaging of circular dry ice slices in just one compact line.

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Recovery Units

Use your gas twice - Dry Ice, Green-Wise - Profit maximize

Aquila Triventek Recovery Units collect all the "revert" gas, which is usually wasted during Dry Ice Production and converts it back into liquid CO2 to be returned to the Pelletizer.

Aquila Triventek Recovery Units do not mix foreign recovered CO2 with the original supply.

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