Powerful and reliable for the specialist contractor. Affordable for factories that only require occasional but efficient and immediate cleaning. The BL60 is built on an extremely solid frame, suitable for hard working environments.

The dry-ice blaster for everybody.

  • Single hose - light and easy to use (supersonic speed)
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Large, insulated hopper - less refills per day
  • Adjustable blast pressure from 1-14 bar
  • Variable dry ice feed rate
  • Operates with 1.7mm (micro) to 3.0mm ("traditional") pellets
  • Easily accessible interior for service and maintenance
  • Lightweight blast gun with safety system
  • Compatible with a large range of nozzles to suit every application - from high-intensity point cleaning through to "stripping"
Technical Data: 
Dimension (LxWxH mm):700x530x1100
Weight:88 kg
Hopper capacity:23 kg
Dry-ice consumption:30-80 kg/h (with standard airlock plate)
Air hose connection:¾" claw
Air supply:2-12 m3/min. at 1-14 bar
Power supply:110V/220V -50/60 Hz
Power consumption:750W


  • ½ (Factory Air) Claw / 1" Claw
  • Mechanical or air-driven operation
  • LED Light blast gun


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