Dry Ice Blasting

When using Dry Ice as a cleaning medium it has many special advantages over High Pressure Cleaning or Sandblasting.

Dry Ice is solid at -79°C. You can blast clean without leaving residue or liquid behind. Dry Ice simply 'sublimes' directly back into CO2 gas leaving no polluted water, sand, grit or other blasting media to dispose of - the only disposable item is the cleaned off dirt from your cleaned subject.

A combination of cold and expanding gas effects, serve to flush contaminants off the substrate without being abrasive or using solvents or toxic chemicals.

Complex protection, disassembly and re-assembly can often be avoided which results in huge job time reductions and improved quality.

Applications range from gentle mild cleaning of extremely delicate and difficult to clean subjects such as the cleaning of fire-damaged articles, electrical installations and biological mold removal, to heavy industrial cleaning projects such as cast mold cleaning in tyre production, cleaning the printing rolls in a printing works and many more.

The potential is huge with Dry Ice Blasters!

Our Products:


Powerful and reliable for the specialist contractor. Affordable for factories that only require occasional but efficient and immediate cleaning. The BL60 is built on an extremely solid frame, suitable for hard working environments.

The dry-ice blaster for everybody.

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