Jetvent Minicam

The Mini Cam has a number of innovative features which makes it the number one choice as a day-to-day operational tool. These features include:

  • Waterproof for use in all situations.
  • Easily cleaned by water or solvent
  • Built from antistatic material and components
  • Small size camera head (48 mm) allows access into any duct including 90-degree bends
  • Power supply box (110 V / 240 V)

The standard 8 meters cable is highly flexible and can be coiled to a diameter of only 30 cm, which makes it easy to transport to any location.

The fiberglass construction of shaft enables the MiniCam to travel easily around bends. It also has the benefit of being able to straighten out completely after it has been coiled up for transport or storage.

The Mini Cam can be connected to a monitor or TV and the inspection can be recorded on a Laptop for internal documentation purposes or as proof to the customers.

Multiple options:

  • 6.4" colour display
  • Battery pack
  • Holder for cable with slip ring cable drum.
  • High resolution colour camera head
  • LED lights for ultra-clear vision


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