Jetvent Inspector

For sales people travelling in trains or planes the small size and weight make all the difference. It is also the first on the market to use computer technology to capture images and record movies straight on to a laptop computer using a video grabber. In this way no separate monitor or video recorder is needed. The video grabber will also enable still pictures to be taken from inside the duct which can be given to customers as evidential documentation or sent as e-mail to any location directly from the site. Another advantage of using a video grabber is the ability to add voice to the inspection video that will be record-ed. The Inspector can also be connected to any monitor and video recorder.

The Inspector can be used in ductwork from circular 160 mm diameter or rectangular ductwork of similar dimensions and comes with a standard cable length of 15 meters.

The extra strong 4-wheel drive robotics enables the Inspector to travel as far as 100 meters from the duct entry point, climb at an angel of 40º and still operates if upside down.

The engines are an integral part of the robot thus avoiding problems of dust and other particulates and gives troublefree running.

High quality lighting is achieved by 40 low heat LED lights in the front and rear of the Inspector which results in clear images and safe-working.

Joy-stick control with proportional engine drive gives easy maneuverability throughout the whole ducting system including bends.

The high resolution color camera to view images from standard version of the Inspector comes with a inside the ductwork. Control box equipped with over- load fuses and BNC connection to video out-put.

Built in Joy-stick which gives a proportional drive con-trolling direction and speed. 15 meters length of low weight cable.

Multiple options are offered as add-ons:

  • Rear camera to assist reversing in difficult situations
  • LCD color display
  • Remote control joy-stick
  • Additional lengths of cable (Up to 100m. Cables can easily be connected together)

The Inspector can easily be used for vertical inspections by simply lowering it down duct using the power cable. Selling the service of indoor air quality control has never been easier.


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