Rotating Whipstream Nozzle

25m hose with a shut-off valve and claw coupling. This is a 1 inch (25mm) compressed air nozzle equipped with a very powerful rotating WhipStream.

The WhipStream rotates with 10,000-12,000rpm and the impact of the compressed airflow is very impressive - up to 1m from the nozzle.

The rotating WhipStream creates a pulsating and very compact airflow that hits the wall of the duct like a whip. Some of the loosened dirt from the duct will get sucked in to the WhipStream and work like a blaster. The WhipStream nozzle is primarily designed for vertical ducts, but will also work well in horizontal.

You can easily hook up a string in front of the nozzle and pull it through the duct.

Recommended for: Duct sizes from 300mm and upwards.

Recommended compressor capacity: 5.2 m3/min at 8 bar.

Item no. ST80100025 Tornado Nozzle Cleaning Kit, 1/2 inch (12 mm)


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