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Kameraer og Robotter kan hjælpe til at gøre ventilationsrengøring meget nemmere.

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Jetvent TDB Robot

The remote controlled TDB cleaning robot by Aquila Triventek gives the operator all the advantages needed to be the best ductcleaner in the market. Vision to see, full size brushes to clean in one operation in both large and small ductwork and 4-wheel engine drive to travel far inside the ductwork system.

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Jetvent Minicam

The Jetvent Mini Cam by Triventek is the ultimate tool to carry to any site to inspect the inside of ducts before, during or after cleaning. It can be used by building owners, facility managers, contractors, duct cleaners – indeed everyone who needs to look inside a duct.

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Jetvent Inspector

The Jetvent Inspector by Triventek has been designed not only to inspect the inside of ductwork before and after cleaning but also as a necessary tool for all sales people in a ductcleaning company. The Inspector comes in a small easy to carry flight case and can be set up in less than 30 seconds. The low weight of only 7 kg makes it easy to carry to any location particular the plant rooms which are often located in positions with difficult access.

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