Jetvent Duct Cleaner

The Jetvent Duct Cleaner by Aquila Triventek uses innovative new technology. Shafts are known to break from time to time but by using a specially designed shaft with several different layers, a breakage is a rare sight.

The special design comprises a strong inner core of solid steel with a special coating which absorbs vibrations and at the same time acts as a lubricant. A layer of multiple wires gives sufficient flexibility to allow easy operating round bends and at the same provides a stable and noise free operation. Finally there is a protective outer layer made of antistatic polypropylene. All of this results in a strong reliable performance which gives the strength to reach up to 30 meters inside a duct.

The low weight of the shaft and the flexibility enables the operator to clean not only horizontal ducts but also vertical.

The Jetvent Duct Cleaner brush head requires an entry hole of only 50 mm.

The brush is connected to the shaft by using a special coupling which allows an easy change of brushes. In case of repair no special tools are needed – repairs can be done on site by the operator.

The cost of shipping brushes to customers where the shipping charges are higher than the value of the brushes has been the reason behind the "build-your-own" brush concept by Triventek.

The aluminium brush head has four holes where the brush material can be attached e.g. nylon, polypropylene or steel wires can be used. The material can be cut to any length to fit any size of duct.

For rectangular ductwork a combination of hard and soft brush materials are used – the harder material will centre the brush in the duct and the soft material will clean.

Readymade brushes in various materials are available from 60 mm to 1000 mm.

The engine that drives the shaft is built into a small easy to carry transport box. The low weight gives the operator easy movability. This is especially useful when the cleaning has to be done in several rooms. It’s easy. Unplug – walk to the next room – Plug-in and carry on operating. It's a one man job.

The Jetvent Duct Cleaner also has an auto reversing timer controlled by a frequency converter that allows the operator to set an interval between left and right rotations of the brush.

This feature is especially useful in rectangular ductwork where both sides need to be cleaned in one operation.

Shafts can be supplied in any length from 1 metre to 30 metres.


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