TRI-Former 500

The TRI-FORMER 500 is a patented system supplying an endless strip of high density dry ice slices wrapped in an FDA-approved plastic foil with the manufacturer's name and logo printed on it.

The TRI-FORMER 500 is basically a very compact and yet complete dry ice processing line consisting of:

  • A hydraulic press, whose function is to "reform" (compress) a supply of dry ice pellets into circular slices, popularly called "pucks". It can be combined with a TRIVENTEK P80 pelletizer and a RE80 recovery unit in order to assure the lowest possible production costs. However it can also work in combination with existing dry ice pelletizers. The dry ice hopper at hydraulic press can be fed with pellets directly from the pelletizer or manually. The required pellet formats for slice manufacturing are either Ø 1,7 or 3 mm
  • A packaging unit, whose function is to wrap the circular slices in a food-approved plastic foil and transfer them in a continuous stripe into an insulated box or container for further delivery to the end users. Transversal perforations make it easy to rip or tear off the plastic strip in the desired length and quantity of pucks to be used on each delivery. There is no need for contact and manual handling of unpacked dry ice.
  • A frame enclosing a control panel, an air compressor and an hydraulic oil pumping station. The frame is to be bolted or fixed to the floor. The standard length of hoses and cables allows for a distance of 5 meters to the hydraulic press and the packaging units, respectively. A protection rail for hoses and cables is included as well

Circular slices are:

  • Easier to manufacture
  • Easier to convey, wrap, doze and pack
  • They have absolutely the same cooling efficiency as squared slices

Technical Specifications: 
Power Supply:3x400V 50Hz (400V 3PH+N+G)
Power consumption:7 KW
Max. current:16 Amps
Power connection:16A/3PH+N+E CEE2-215
Dimensions (WxDxH):650x2850x1510 mm
Hydraulic Press & Packaging Unit:
Control panel + hydraulic pump + air compressor:1200x500x1650
Total Weight:625 Kg (all units)
Production rate:500 strokes per hour


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